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from The Man by Doctor Striker

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Story Behind the Song

I accidentally went to a prosperity cult meeting. It was a grand experience.

I met this guy who said that he found a wonderful solution to make it in the music business. You would just become a professional speaker, and play your songs in front of corporations.
Basically, they hire you for a 45 minute speech, and you play 3 songs, and give a short talk for each song. 10 minutes of talking, 5 minutes of song, 3 times, for about $10000.

I thought it was a wonderful idea. He had a seminar down in San Diego.

I went with a bunch of my friends. I was broke and on food stamps at the time, so I barely made it there. I tried sleeping in my car to save money the first night and I almost got towed.

I made it to the event.

It was 3 days long. The first 2 days we spent talking about our feelings and getting to know each other. He gave a little bit of advice on how to get corporate speeches. He talked about God a lot.

On the third day he told us he was selling a "Music Mentorship Program", priced at $24000, but he'd sell it to you right then for only $1000 a month if you committed immediately.

He then pulled a committee of people who had bought his program last year. They all said they were making tons of cash. One woman said she was selling life coaching sessions for $500 a piece. "I now live in a life of ABUNDANCE instead of SCARCITY."

Then he brought his mom on stage and she said to him, "The world needs You like the world needs Him."

Then for the finale, he gave this speech. I wrote down his whole speech. I took the best lines for this song.

I watched people who were desperate and poor line up and give him their life savings. One woman had MS and could barely afford her health. One woman was broke caring for her mother, but still coughed up $12000 to give to this multi millionaire.

Strangely though, I decided to try out the corporate speech idea. Here's the website- www.doctorstrikerevents.com

I contacted 300 individual companies and got rejected 300 individual times.


Money came to talk to me last night
Money came to live with me last night
Money is love and abundance
Money is faith and acceptance

Money loves to live with its family

Faith, Trust, Power, Lust


Money is grattitude for the giving
Money is freedom for the willing
Money is your sister and your brother
Money is your lover and your mother

Money loves to live with its family

Faith, Trust, Power, Lust



from The Man, released October 17, 2018


all rights reserved



Doctor Striker Oakland, California

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