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Doctor Striker

by Doctor Striker

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Clean 04:28
One time I ran I had a dream I was alive I looked at my self, I saw through my hand I found organic bones They turned to stainless steel Pressurize me, I'm titanium Galvinize me, I will never, never corrode Clean again, I'll be awake, I'll never rest Free again, Now that I'm machine I will be clean I had an image of my veins and my heart It beat too fast, my arteries ached I saw my eye in the mirror Blood turned to mercury Cauterize me, I'll regenerate Electrify me, my brain will oscillate
Divine 02:56
It was a rainy day Her umbrella matched her hair I saw eyeliner We locked eyes She's a salt mine My eyes water to see her She's space heater Made me feel warm She is divine Eyes are a crime She is she She stepped in a puddle Got dirt on my white pants As she said she's sorry I asked her for coffee She's an oboe Loud for her size She's nuclear waste Gives me powers
Hero 04:00
I propose a new type of hero One who is smart I never gave much truck to those who think with their heart I know I'm a brain man I think with my mind I always thought logic was The root of all truth Life is a power struggle His thoughts are his tools Cause Everything that I had earned was all because of knowledge I know the only kind of might that's right is skill This hero is not a rebel He does not hate the system In fact he loves it Because he owns it My hero is the man on top He is the man He is the business He has the knowledge Life is a power struggle His tools are his thoughts
What makes a man? It's the testosterone Going to the Gym, increases testoseterone Girls, like hormones Working out, makes more hormones I must be a man I must be a man, I will go to the Gym I, know a guy who can't bench the bar He gets no women, because he has no testosterone I, know a guy who gets all the girls He benches 220, and has lots of testosterone
I Feel Alive 03:46
Apathy is the devil I want to be excited every day When I live I can't hold back any more I want to feel every way Life was dull and ordinary I wanted something more complete When I found love I knew I could live Cause when I feel I feel alive I am who I want to be I know where I am with you I want to improve my life even more I know I need to understand How could I be unhappy If I know what I want I'll take exactly what I need
No Fear 03:15
It's nice, to be done with stress I'm a better man now that I'm not losing time I'll never be the same again I will have no fear Everything is easier I thought life was hard before I began
The Futurist 04:17
I looked into the future and I got my legs replaced at 82. When I couldn't sing any more I got my tongue replaced too. I will never die I looked at the lifeline on my left palm and it was broken in two. That is where living stops and death ends too.
I never counted the gravel in the street I never felt my shoes as I walked I never watched cracks in the wall I never thought about the smell of cold Panic, is a hell of a drug Just need to change I never noticed the grain on wood I never saw the spectrum of the sun I never smelled books on shelves I never heard my heart beat
Logic 04:02
I know that you're sane I know that you're pretty I know that you're smart I know that you're good There was a time When your hair reflected the sun There was a blue sheen It was almost pretty to me I want to want you, but I don't You're the kind I would marry when I'm old You'd be good for me, me for you I can't love you with logic I see that you love me Pupils dilate Mine do not I'm just horny I paid for dinner Because I needed to You thought I cared How romantic
To chose between the two most beautiful women in the world is a crime I want them all They're like two facets of the perfect girl between brains and affection I rule the world Why should one confine himself to just one of the best women in the world I love them both don't confuse their names but if a third woman comes to me then I'm game
Her hips move like a hurricane She unrefined, she's sugarcane Sometimes she's unruly and has no shame I can't tell, I don't know if it's real I want to know I want to know that I'm not wasting my time anymore I've failed many times before I want to know that she's not a whore but when I see her, she's the one I adore I can tell, I know that it's real
Strong 04:02
Let's break free and all go to heaven I can't wait to get back home I know all possibilities are even I just need to find a door I don't know if I can fake love anymore I don't know if I'll be lucky I will be strong forever I know that I can't, know that I won't, lose vision There is this place I go to in the evening All of my stress just goes away I can not tell if I'll be perfect Or if I am already there I know that I can't have any discrepancies If I'm gonna be a prophet
Tried to be a man Trained to be a dick Thought it would get me far with money Ands, nots, and ors People are all bores I just want all the money All that I could ever find There is no logic In being kind I, I am the MAN! I like being happy Others can be sad I will be happy all the time I only see People who want to be me I have all of the money
Burn Out 04:04
I used to be patient Now sitting makes me cramped Every minute I'm not working Is a minute someone else is To Breathe To Feel To Touch To Sense I'd rather live and burn out Than not live at all I tried listening to Henry Thoreau Instead I listened to King If you have nothing to die for You have nothing to live for


released February 28, 2012


all rights reserved



Doctor Striker Oakland, California

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